Overview of ICT Programme

The Public/Private ICT Apprenticeship Scheme is a joint initiative between government and local ICT companies to recruit and employ apprentices in various software development and IT infrastructure roles.

The apprentices will be employed in one of the participating organisations and receive a wage while also undertaking training in Level 3 ApprenticeshipsNI frameworks for ICT.

The apprentices will be released from the workplace one day a week to receive their training at Belfast Metropolitan College. The apprentices will receive training tailored to their needs depending on whether they are successfully employed in a software development or IT infrastructure role in one of the participating organisations.

For further details please visit www.nidirect.gov.uk/campaigns/apprenticeships.

What are Psychometrics?

Psychometrics are assessments which measure individual differences in many areas including personality, motivation, aptitude and abilities.

Why are Psychometrics used?

Psychometric assessments are a common part of selection processes and enable organisations to better understand candidates and determine if they have the skills for the job.

Practice Test Booklet

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Helpline / Contact Details

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The ICT Apprenticeship Scheme is now closed for the 2018 intake.

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